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Service Enhancements

Our Service Enhancements

Beautifully honor your loved ones

We illuminate paths to peace with personalized ceremonies and memorial tributes. Our Service Enhancements can help create something that's very unique and personalized — and you may find that choosing one, or even a few of these, helps make your memories even more special.

American Hero Flag Case

This glass-front case displays the United States flag that is presented to the family of a military service member or veteran. The case allows family and friends to view the flag while protecting this cherished memento.

Casket Customization

Many caskets allow for personalization to best represent the legacy of your loved one. Personalization options range from medallions to cap panels and more based on the casket you select. Talk to us today to find out more.

Tribute Video

Doan & Mills Funeral Home's Tribute Video gives families a lasting tribute to their loved one's life. Each tribute DVD professionally displays photographs set to music that honor and cherish fond memories of a loved one.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint pendants are a unique keepsake featuring an imprint that captures the unique impression every life makes on our own. These prints are captured from an inked finger, hand or footprint of your loved one, and are beautifully crafted in your choice of sterling silver, 14kt white or yellow gold.

Flight Home® Dove Release

Our moving Flight Home Ceremony signifies the soul of the deceased joining other family members who have passed on before them, creating a beautiful and uplifting element to the service.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Having a horse drawn coach is not only reserved for presidents and veterans, but is also for anyone who desires that extra special touch of a dignified service.

Musical Tribute

A variety of musical tributes are available to create a soothing atmosphere during times of reflecting and remembrance. From bagpipers to harpists, vocalists, and mariachi bands, our selection of musicians can fit a broad range of preferences.

Veteran Tribute

Doan & Mills Funeral Home is proud to offer our veteran's tribute services, which includes a memorial book made with the same uniform and logo of the service branch, thank you cards, special pen and a wooden flag case.

Artful Ashes

Doan & Mills Funeral Home is proud to offer a unique tribute for cremation. Artful Ashes combines a swirl of color with ashes to create a stunning piece of art.

Balloon Release

Having friends and family release balloons during your loved one’s memorial can be an uplifting and celebratory event, symbolizing a loving send-off for their spirit.

Beverage Service

To promote post-service gathering for your guests, we can provide a selection of beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, or other options.

Butterfly Release Ceremony

A butterfly release ceremony signifies the soul of the deceased joining other family members that have passed on before them.

Celebration of Life Meals

Sharing a meal with friends and family can be a healing and intimate way to commune and celebrate your loved one’s life. We partner with reputable catering companies to create a customized meal suitable for your needs.

Custom Memorial Blanket

Create a special piece that you can wrap yourself in for years to come. Use your favorite photo, or let us create a collage of photos and elements that will make this woven blanket an incredible comfort.

Family Shuttle

Save yourself the driving at this time and let us transport your family and guests to and from the service and/or burial in one of our comfortable, spacious shuttles.

Limousine Service

We will transport you and your family in the utmost comfort to and from the service and burial in our tasteful, professionally chauffeured limousines.

Memory Box

Create a lasting memorial with a Memory Box in which you and others can place photos, notes, tokens, trinkets and other meaningful tributes to your loved one. It can be a comforting souvenir of your loved one’s life and love for years to come.

Motorcycle Hearse

For the person who loved the open road, we offer a final ride for your loved one in a motorcycle hearse.

Reception Room

Whether your family is holding a traditional funeral service or a memorial service, a reception provides and opportunity to gather and share memories. Reception Room does not include catering costs.

Vault Personalization

Personalize your loved one's burial vault cap with photos, words, symbols, and images that represent the life lived.


The heritage of bagpipes goes well beyond its Scottish origins. Their powerful sound sets a tone of honor. Add this classic addition to a regular or military service for a special tribute heard from miles around.


To promote post-service gathering for your guests, we can provide a selection of catering options.

Coffee and Tea Service

To promote post-service gathering for your guests, we can provide a full coffee and tea service, which includes fresh-brewed coffee (including decaf), a selection of regular and herbal teas, as well as sweeteners, creamers, cups, spoons and napkins.

Event Room

This room can be used as you wish for meals, coffee and snacks or slideshows and special presentations.


Choose from a selection of beautiful flower arrangements from one of our reputable floral partners to display at your loved one’s service and/or final resting site.

Mariachi Band

In a traditional Mexican funeral, the mariachi is a way to show respect, comfort and healing to the family of the deceased while celebrating the life their loved one lived.

Keepsake Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a unique keepsake that some people wear to feel connected to their departed loved one. We offer a variety of different cremation jewelry styles if you’d like to choose this option.

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